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Our focus on patient care and outcomes is the driving motivator behind everything that we do at CCS, and we prioritize partnering with hospitals and medical professionals that share this same passion.

We are proud to partner with hospitals all over the country, serving as a reliable source of assistance for any hospital needing to procure perfusion or autotransfusion services. We offer support by a dynamic team of only the best perfusionists, RNs, and PBMTs — Providing elite professionals and innovative technologies and solutions allow our partners to meet and grow their own goals for patient outcomes and cost savings.

If you are searching for a partner that delivers unmatched support when it comes to both patient care and meeting your business goals, I invite you to contact a CCS partner representative for more details.

"We partner with hospitals to provide solutions they rely on, to meet their business goals and deliver optimal patient care."

Chet Czaplicka, BSN, RN, CCP
Founder & CEO

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    Providing healthcare organizations with significant value.

    the foundations for clinical business strategies

    We understand that hospitals, like any business, are always searching for ways to improve value while delivering the best possible care to their patients.

    Our relationships with medical equipment and supply organizations all over the country allow us to obtain perfusion supplies at an optimal price. Additionally, we are also able to leverage the data we collect and our many years of experience in the perfusion field to optimize and develop new methods and technologies that are designed to be more efficient and cost-effective. Together these factors combine to help us significantly reduce costs and positively impact our partners’ bottom line.

    We believe it's possible to deliver exceptional patient care and achieve optimal patient outcomes while still enabling our partners to improve the efficiency of their OR while being cost-effective.

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    a culture of compassion & communication

    Meeting the high standards of the Joint Commission for Healthcare Staffing Services.

    Ensuring your patients receive only the highest quality of care they deserve.

    As a part of our team, you’ll merge your natural inclination towards wanting to help others with the skills and technology needed to make a lasting difference. Our ultimate mission at CCS is and always has been helping hospitals and surgeons provide an exceptional level of patient care, and our employees are just as dedicated to this mission as the founders of our company.

    As a perfusion group with the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval, we have several measures in place to ensure that our partners meet their goals, one way we do this is by participating in an internal audit to determine that we meet the expected standards of hospitals and laboratories. We also benchmark at the national level and routinely analyze crucial metrics including:

    • Blood utilization
    • Control of blood sugar
    • Neurological protection

    Our commitment to ongoing monitoring means we are continuously optimizing and improving our OR practice.

    Joint Commission Seal of Approval

    Employee empowerment leads to rewarding careers - working at CCS means that you will be striving toward a greater good and higher purpose.

    Our expert staff delivers a wide variety of quality services and solutions.

    In addition to providing perfusion and autotransfusion services, our expert staff is also capable of providing informatics, data and quality management, point-of-care testing, blood conservation programs, hardware and inventory management solutions, and more.

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