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Comprehensive iECLS is our pioneering initiative, envisioned as a strategic partnership between CCS and our hospital affiliates to optimize ECLS therapy.

Our Comprehensive iECLS initiative propels the sharing of transformative ECLS solutions and insights. It’s our answer to broadening the horizons of ECLS therapy and supporting hospitals amidst the growing demand for proficient ECLS centers.

This initiative embodies our commitment to delivering premier ECLS services. It acts as a conduit for connecting innovative solutions with ECLS expertise, bridging cutting-edge research with evolving care standards.


Comprehensive iECLS is a multi-tiered platform that provides strategic planning and solutions for all life phases of an ECLS program.

This unique platform enables us to provide solutions tailored to the demands of our hospital partners and their distinct ECLS programs.

Our platform presents a comprehensive suite of ECLS solutions under three primary domains:


Each of our domains offers a distinct set of services. We offer our solutions in two primary formats: either as an all-inclusive package providing a complete set of turnkey solutions, or as a mix-and-match portfolio that enables our partners to select only the services they require. All solutions are built to complement each other and can be seamlessly integrated as a program evolves.

Comprehensive iECLS collaborates with hospital partners to provide tailored solutions for ECLS program development, regardless of scope or scale. Drawing from our extensive experience with various hospital sizes and complexities, we ensure each program is scalable, sustainable, and versatile.

Our commitment to enhancing the scope of ECLS is embedded in our three-part mission. Please join us as we:



Customized Training

Masterclass Workshops

Imparting Knowledge

From novice to expert, Comprehensive iECLS offers immersive ECLS education. Our realworld simulations empower providers, sharpening knowledge and honing critical thinking.


Customized Staffing

Integrating Solutions

Combining best practices with tailored solutions, Comprehensive iECLS confidently addresses all ECLS staffing and operational challenges.


Customized Portfolios

Precision Planning

Inspiring Excellence

Empowering hospitals to become ECLS leaders, Comprehensive iECLS offers tailored program development and compliance, ensuring robust, best-practice programs.

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Empowering the Future of Healthcare – A Women-Led Initiative

The iECLS Difference with CCS

As an integral part of Comprehensive Care Services (CCS), Comprehensive iECLS exemplifies women’s leadership in healthcare. Championed by a women-owned enterprise, we’re setting the pace in Extracorporeal Life Support (ECLS) programs nationwide.

Having been a significant presence in the ECLS field, we’ve chosen to further refine and enhance our offerings. Comprehensive iECLS isn’t just an extension of our services, but a thoughtful initiative to provide leading ECLS solutions to our hospital partners. Beyond services, we envision it as a hub for connecting solutions, expertise, and novel ideas from across the ECLS community.

The “i” in iECLS holds special significance for us. It signifies:

  • Intelligence: Our commitment to leveraging data for improved patient outcomes.
  • Innovation: Our endeavor to incorporate the latest techniques for top-quality patient care.
  • Integrity: Our dedication to ethical practices, ensuring trust and long-term partnerships.
  • Ingenuity: Our spirit of viewing challenges as opportunities and addressing them with creative solutions.

As we look to the future, our focus remains unwavering – to champion strategic innovation, enhance patient outcomes, share actionable insights, and cultivate meaningful partnerships.

Join us in making a difference.


The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® is a remarkable honor for Comprehensive Care Services. This signifies that our business has achieved the stringent quality and patient safety standards stipulated by The Joint Commission, universally recognized as the highest possible. Every year, we voluntarily submit ourselves to a rigorous review to ensure continual improvement and unwavering adherence to these top-tier standards. Visit to learn more about The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval™.

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