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At Comprehensive iECLS, we redefine ECLS support by melding decades of expertise with tailored strategies for every institution.

Our specialty lies in bridging staffing challenges, ensuring that hospitals can consistently deliver elite patient care.


With the critical role that ECLS programs play in the healthcare sector, a shortage of qualified staff can severely limit a hospital's potential for growth and patient care. This is precisely the challenge that Comprehensive iECLS is designed to tackle head-on.

With our deep understanding of the unique logistical hurdles that come with managing an ECLS program, we are ready to provide targeted, scalable solutions.

We customize our staffing assistance to each program’s specific needs, whether it requires short-term augmentation or a long-term comprehensive staffing structure. Our broad corporate infrastructure is our backbone, empowering us to alleviate ECLS staffing shortages swiftly and effectively, reducing the burden on the hospital system and ensuring continuity of care for patients.


Comprehensive iECLS is pioneering next-level ECLS care.

We go beyond merely filling positions. We merge passion with expertise to champion excellence across all dimensions of ECLS care, catering to neonates and adults alike.

With a diverse portfolio of staffing and operational solutions, we tailor our offerings to meet the distinctive requirements of each institution. From hands-on bedside monitoring and transport logistics to program management, our solutions are meticulously designed to thrive in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. 

Every member of our team is backed by advanced ECLS training, a testament to the rigorous instruction they receive from Comprehensive iECLS educators.

Our services encompass:

  • Direct bedside ECLS monitoring and care
  • ECLS program supervision and management
  • Clinical advisory services
  • Offsite clinical and technical support 
  • ECLS transport (all modes: ground, rotary, or fixed-wing)
  • ECLS equipment and supply acquisition and management
  • FT, PT or PRN staffing for ECLS specialists
  • FT staffing and/or consultation services for ECLS coordinators
total clinical staff
full-time employees
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In every partnership, we aspire to be more than service providers; we become strategic allies in ECLS care.

Our staffing services are meticulously crafted to meet the specific needs of every hospital, with a dynamic team poised to flexibly respond to diverse situations and cater to ever-changing patient requirements. Our unwavering commitment ensures our partner institutions can always deliver a superior standard of care, even in the face of the most pressing conditions. 

Within the complex landscape of ECLS, clarity and support are paramount. As you navigate the path toward elevating patient care and optimizing your team, know that we stand ready to collaborate.

For more information on how Comprehensive iECLS can offset your staffing burdens, contact us.

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